Freedom: a word, a need, and ideal; maybe a utopia to fight for that moves thousands of people. Some look for that through work, others through investigation or science and others by giving their lives.

“Freedom” wants to pay tribute to some of those great personalities who belong to contemporary history and marked it with their acts: they added a priceless value to this word through their deeds.

Groundbreaking instrumental techniques, technological innovation applied to the traditional acoustic concert, compositions written by contemporary composers who look for a writing style influenced by various musical languages and styles: all these facets outline a unique and exclusive artistic expression.


Available in two versions (Solo & Duo)

Duo _ Saxophone, Trumpet And Elecronics

Morris Sebastianutto (trumpet)


TitleComposed byA tribute to
Just X*Marco MolteniMalcolm X
A deep belief*Masimiliano MessieriMartin Luther King
Jan’s ShriekLamberto LugliJan Palach
A tre farfalle*Leonardo SchiavoMirabal sisters
Samadhi Gandhi*Stefano IanneMahatma Gandhi

*compositions dedicated to Alex & Morris Sebastianutto


Solo _ Saxophone And Elecronics


TitleComposed byA tribute to
Jan’s Shriek*Lamberto LugliJan Palach
A deep belief*Masimiliano MessieriMartin Luther King
BillieJacob TVBillie Holiday
Trapped*Renato MianiMalcom X
BukuJacob TVCharlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley and Art Pepper

*compositions dedicated to Alex Sebastianutto