L’uomo mascherato

In a contemporary world enveloped in multimedia elements, where speed and movement represent the status of modern humankind, the new project of MAC Saxophone Quartet fits in synergy with the eclectic voice of the singer Luisa Cottifogli on original music by the composer Valter Sivilotti.

An extremely versatile and captivating show that develops from the idea of ​​using multimedia, in particular the video projection of a comic that interacts with music, singing and acting.

Music is not used by Valter Sivilotti as a simple soundtrack for the images but it interacts and supports the development of the story, amplifying aspects of the chain of events in a complex structure linked to contemporary expressions, including those most connected to the world of art/cultivated music.

This is possible because of the excellent synergy obtained by the MAC Saxophone Quartet, at ease in that tourbillon of styles and genres that have characterized the musical ‘900 up to the present day, and the voice of Luisa Cottifogli that presents various attitudes ranging from singing to recited voice, from whisper to “broken” voice and shows her great flexibility and versatility.

All this in an emphasis of animation/interaction where the playful aspect becomes an integral part of the experience because of the expressive possibilities involved in this project: aspects of the story are lived again in a vivid and real-like way, or distorted or presented in a grotesque way, giving the audience the opportunity to live and relive aspects related to childhood and every other moment of real life in a synaesthesia of senses and emotions that accompany us throughout our life path.


Luisa Cottifogli – voice


MAC Saxophone Quartet


Valter Sivilotti – compositions