Harlem Double Concerto

Saxophone, Trumpet and Symphony Orchestra

by Renato Miani (2023)

Bird, Dizzy, Minton's

(Duration: 30 minutes)

“The partnership of the legendary Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie determined the birth of Be-Bop, a real musical revolution, in which the very fast times and the innovative harmonic elaborations were well identified in the desire for revenge of the African Americans of Harlem.
With “Harlem Double Concerto” the composer Renato Miani wants to combine classical music with jazz, an idea that obsessed Charlie Parker in his last years, through a brilliant orchestral project with a strong social connotation, characterized by the technical and expressive virtuosity of the soloists Alex and Morris Sebastianutto (saxophone and trumpet).

Orchestra set up

2 Flutes (Fl.1, Fl.2)
2 Oboes (Ob.1, Ob.2)
2 Clarinets in Bb (Bb Cl.1, Bb Cl.2)
2 Bassoons (Bsn.1, Bsn.2)
2 Horns in F (Hn.1 or Horn1, Hn.2 or Horn2)
2 Trumpets in Bb (Bb Tpt.1 or Tpt.1, Bb Tpt.2 or Tpt.2)
1 Trombone (Tbn.)
Violin I (Vln.I or Vl.I – min. 10 players)
Violin II (Vln.II or Vl.II – min. 8 players)
Alto (Vla. – min. 6 players)
Cello (V.cello or Vc. – min. 4 players)
Double Bass (D.B. – min. 4 players)