Alex Sebastianutto soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone

Ferdinando Mussuttopiano

Alessio Benedettipercussions


String Quintet

Valentina Russoviolin

Elena Blessanoviolin

Alessandra Commissoviolin

Antonio Mericicello

Luca Zulianidouble bass



Giulio Gallo – 2010/2011

Tracks 9 – 10 recorded on “studio mobile di Franco Feruglio”


Mastering Engineer

Stefano Amerio

Artesuono Recording Studios, Udine 


Photos by

Alberto Mureu


Graphics by

Glauco Comoretto



Steinway&Sons Mod. D; technical support Lorenzo Cerneaz


Record label


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Intersections“, summary of an ambitious and capable saxophonist, presents an anthology of first performances, some unpublished and others dedicated to the performers themselves.

It is inevitable to admire the versatility and ductile virtuosity of Alex Sebastianutto, to whom Ferdinando Mussutto‘s punchy and equally available piano offers himself as a prompt and always pertinent interlocutor.

A valuable album that reveals us interpreters who manage to express with great serenity an exquisite sense of joy in making music.

Sebastianutto, with the talent and sensitivity of a high-ranking musician, manages to involve and reveal the many faces of one of the most ingenious instruments of the modern age, the saxophone which, despite its short history, has managed to become the voice and the inevitable instrument of the new millennium.

Finally, praise goes to the quality of the recording which fully satisfies the extraordinary talent of the performers and which also has the best expressive and stylistic rhythm.

Mario Marzi