Saxophone and Symphony Orchestra

by Massimiliano Messieri (2022)

Fire, Air, Water, Earth

(Duration: 30 minutes)

A project conceived by the saxophonist Alex Sebastianutto who, through the pen of the composer Massimiliano Messieri, wants to highlight the socio-environmental issues: indissoluble relationship between human society and nature. Through an unprecedented composition, he aims to move the listener’s sensibility through music guiding the listener to face up to a current and fundamental theme for the survival of mankind such as the awareness that “man does not dominate nature, but is an integral part of it”. Both the East and the West have developed a close connection between human microcosm and natural macrocosm. Balance of the Elements is at the basis of the life of the human species and the existence of the entire universe. From the interaction of these Elements, composed of particles mixed in variable proportions, all the phenomena of the cosmos originate: birth, death, transformation.

Orchestra set up

2 Flutes (Fl.1, Fl.2)
2 Oboes (Ob.1, Ob.2)
2 Clarinets in Bb (Bb Cl.1, Bb Cl.2)
2 Bassoons (Bsn.1, Bsn.2)
2 Horns in F (Hn.1 or Horn1, Hn.2 or Horn2)
2 Trumpets in Bb (Bb Tpt.1 or Tpt.1, Bb Tpt.2 or Tpt.2)
1 Trombone (Tbn.)
Violin I (Vln.I or Vl.I – min. 10 players)
Violin II (Vln.II or Vl.II – min. 8 players)
Alto (Vla. – min. 6 players)
Cello (V.cello or Vc. – min. 4 players)
Double Bass (D.B. – min. 4 players)