for saxophone, trumpet and piano
Lamberto Lugli

Four movements inspired by Vivaldi's Four Seasons

“If any music acts on the listener through the laws of acoustics, making the air vibrate and indifferently arousing unusual sensations, wider is the appeal that “program music” has towards those who are listening to a piece inspired by an extramusical theme. Since the sixteenth century, many composers have been committed to telling a story with purely musical means, taking the listener by the hand with only sound images. The best-known examples of Baroque musical literature are Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: an indissoluble series of four Concerts that no piece has ever managed to overcome in evoking the seasons.

When Alex and Morris Sebastianutto, as authentic sax and trumpet virtuosos, talked to me about their “Four Seasons” project with the request to write a piece inspired by the work of Vivaldi, I immediately asked myself many questions about how to proceed and confront myself with such a well-known piece of music history. The approach could not be that of a transcription or an arrangement more or less consonant with the original, nor of a pure and simple structured assemblage operation.

Then the idea: that of “historicizing” writing. Revisiting each season through the style of a twentieth century composer who could characterize and give an imprint to the movement. The first association was immediate, I would dare to say obligatory: Spring – Stravinsky followed by Ravel, Poulenc and Gershwin.

Therefore, we wanted to pay homage not only to Vivaldi, but to a fascinating and prolific historical period such as the first part of the last century. A moment of essentially communicative compositional lightness proposed with a sound image, a texture, linked to the sounds offered by sax and trumpet with the support of the piano under the stylistic aegis of the Masters of the twentieth century.”